Barbeque Resturants and Smoked Cooking Woods

The search for a good barbecue restaurant can sometimes be based on the smallest of details. One of the most important details to keep in mind is the wood used to cook the meat, as different woods impart different flavors to the meat being cooked. By knowing which smoked cooking woods a restaurant uses, a potential customer is able to better decide on which restaurants he is more likely to enjoy, as not everyone has the same tastes. By figuring out which woods are being used, the customer can make the choice that fits him best. It just takes a little research for the best results.

Extra information about smoked cooking woods

The Process

When it comes to creating great barbecue, a restaurant will usually go one of two different routes smoking or cooking. Smoking takes the most amount of time, but also imparts the most flavor from the wood to the meat. In this case, a layer of wood is placed on the bottom of a closed container and meat put on a screen above the fire. As the woods reduce to Charcoal, the smoke fills the container and cooks the meat, and the smoke is better able to penetrate the meat. Straight cooking, however, imparts less flavour but does add to the smell of the restaurant for some this is just as important as the flavour.

The Lighter the Meat, the Lighter the Wood

Alder and fruit woods, such as those from apple or cherry, impart not only the lightest charcoal taste to the food, but the wood also imparts a nice fruity flavor to the meat. However, it is only works for the lightest of meats, such as chicken or fish. This means that a person who enjoys a little added flavour but eating healthier needs to look for restaurants that use alder and fruit woods as part of their smoking process. Conversely, heavier woods such as mesquite should be limited to more flavourful meats, such as brisket, or it may overwhelm the flavour of the meat. Medium woods such as oak and hickory are good for almost any other meat, especially pork and beef, and should be the default for most meats.

Finding the right restaurant should not be a problem once you know what kind of meat you are cooking and how you want it to taste. As most restaurants advertise their smoked cooking wood, it should be easy to determine which restaurant will work out best for your personal tastes.